About Us

Avalton, Inc. is a privately owned Cloud/SaaS Solutions, System Integration Consulting and Professional Services Company founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Miami, Florida. Avalton’s specialization is in the development and implementation of cloud based Billing & OSS, CRM, and Network Inventory Management solutions for telcos and service providers. Avalton also has offices located in Atlanta, Mexico, Colombia and Poland.

Our clients have recognized Avalton as an excellent choice for software implementation, customization, configuration, and enhancements as well as technical support services, measured by strict SLAs. Avalton maintains a very dedicated approach, which prioritizes the customer’s business goals and objectives and aligns them with the functionality of the solution.
Each of Avalton’s managing executives has over 10+ years of experience in the delivery of highly demanding Telecommunications Billing System projects. Additionally, our leadership has a vast deal of experience in IT operational support systems (OSS) for telco hardware partners like Nokia. They’ve managed billing implementation projects in the North & South America, and other global locations. Their collective project experience, scales in size from half million dollar engagements, up to 100 million dollars multi-year initiatives for some of the top market-leading billing vendors, prior to Avalton.

As part of Avalton, they work to apply all their knowledge and experience to assure the highest level of successful projects delivery to their own clients. Avalton’s Engineering group has a vast knowledge base in billing systems and project implementations. Avalton’s team of project managers and consultants are highly experienced in the core billing and customer care functionality areas. Additionally, we are able to augment our staff quickly with deeply skilled consultants in Billing Systems as need arises. Avalton has secured resources capable of implementing virtually any software package or service covering any of the billing or OSS aspects of the telco company’s business.

How Avalton Benefits It's Business Partners

Avalton gained the trust of its customers by providing professional, high quality and timely services addressing the ongoing needs and demands raised by IT-complex Telco Solutions. Our Customers immediately benefit from cooperating with Avalton by gaining:
  • Trusted advisor with 15 years of experience in Telecommunications with strong references from Telco operators and IT providers
  • Backup solution and/or good alternative for current BSS/OSS systems’ Technical Support services
  • Independence from current vendors during implementation and/or maintenance.