Our Services


The Avalton Billing & OSS platform is intentionally built to be flexible. The system will fit the way your staff works, but it requires an onboarding process so all of your systems talk and the platform is ready to run the way you want. The average implementation takes six months and is run by the experts who built the platform.

Here are some other implementation services we offer:

Configuration: We’ll help set up subscription types, promotions, tax inputs, the Mobile Care portal for clients, and more.

Integration: We’ll integrate Avalton Billing & OSS with your other software programs, so all systems are talking and you see data across your entire enterprise.

Data Migration: We’ll help move anything from your current system to Avalton Billing & OSS.


With 20+ built-in modules, Avalton Billing & OSS has everything you need. However, sometimes you’ll require custom coding to fit exactly what your process requires.

Whether you need a mobile app for subscribers or a custom dashboard with your KPIs, Avalton can provide the development team.

Here are some services we offer alongside Avalton Billing & OSS:

Outsourced development: We offer services across front-end design, on-site or cloud data centers (AWS, Azure, Heroku, Oracle, etc.), multiple databases (Oracle, MS SQL, MongoDB, etc.), and a number of languages (.Net, Java, SQL, JavaScript, PHP, HTML and more).

Customization: We’ll start with the use case you are trying to solve, and then customize any part of Avalton Billing & OSS to fit that need.

Maintenance: Product updates and new features are on us – it’s built into the platform subscription – so you don’t have to pay more for improvements.

Support & Staff

If you need access to the people who built and maintain Avalton Billing & OSS, we offer our expertise in a number of ways.

Here are the ways our people can help:

Training: We provide on-site or off-site training during implementation and after launch.

Support: We are able to provide on-site or off-site support, in multiple languages (English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Polish) across these packages:

  • • Level I (Included): Answer platform user questions about functionality.
  • • Level II: Analyze and solve issues with configuration, and gather test results and incident details.
  • • Level III: Solve issues that require changes to the code.

Contractors: If the training and support packages aren’t enough for your needs, we’re able to offer Avalton experts to sit on your team and support the platform.

Let’s talk about your Billing & OSS needs

If you’re an existing Avalton Billing & OSS client or are considering the platform, let’s talk about the services required to get the job done.